What's New

  • The research results of Mr. Sawamoto (alumnus) were accepted in Polymer Chemistry. congratulations!
  • Professor Koga and Assistant Professor Nishimura will present their research findings at the 72nd SPSJ Annual Meeting.
  • Mr. Yuta Kashiwara has joined as an experimental support staff.
  • We have a new member (thirteen B4 students).
  • The 2022 Graduation Ceremony was held. Congratulations to all M2 and B4 students!


The main purpose of our research group is to develop novel functional polymer soft materials with well-regulated nanostructures. For this purpose, the living biopolymer system such as proteins, which includes exquisite molecular structures and versatile biofunctions, would be a good model. Applying the structural and functional principles of biopolymers to a synthetic macromolecular system is of importance, especially for designing novel smart materials. To achieve these objects, we newly design and synthesize biocompatible and environmentally friendly smart polymers including self-assembling peptides and peptide-polymer hybrids and characterize their properties comprehensively.

For students interested in the polymer chemistry laboratory

You are welcome to contact us regarding questions or comments regarding the lab’s work. For interest in joining the research group, please contact Prof. Koga or Prof. Nishimura via e-mail.